Welcome Adventure Tourism Proprietors

You’re here because you have a product or service which caters to the adventure tourism market broadly. You have an adventure tourism product or service if it;

Encourages tourists to participate in a physical activity. Examples of this could be: hiking, running, riding, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, swimming, abseiling, flying, 4×4 routes etc.
Provides a cultural exchange. Examples of this could be an immersive experience like: tracking with Bushmen.
Provides a connection with nature in the broadest sense. Examples could be: camping, tracking, volunteering, education and training etc.

If your product or service meets one or more of the adventure tourism defining components, and you would like to list your product or service to be considered for inclusion on this site, please go ahead and email us the details of your product or service.

In summary; if your product or service is: authentic, sustainable, responsible, and beneficial, you are at the right place.

PLEASE NOTE: We make no warranties or provide any undertakings that your product or service will be listed, as listing is subject to our assessment and sole discretion.